Located in a lush tropical landscape, Thailand is the scene of strong contrasts. The richness of the historical heritage and natural resources of this proud Buddhist nation increases the charm of a country that is today characterized by rapid industrial development. Now intriguing and peaceful, now shining and elusive, Thailand is always irresistible.


The WAT RONG KHUN better known in Italy as the WHITE TEMPLE is a newly built building located 15 km from the city of CHIANG RAI in THAILAND. It is a very particular Buddhist and Hindu temple, designed by visionary painter CHALERMCHAI KOSITPIPAT. Its construction began in the year 1997 but on the model of the SAGRADA FAMILIA in the city of Barcelona in Spain, the date on which its construction should end is unclear, it is traditionally spoken of 2007. It is completely made of white plaster and mirrors (which they reflect the sun creating the play of light so dear to the artist) element partly criticized by indigenous peoples as against the local tradition, which envisages an architectural style based on vivid and bright colors. Inside the temple contains the statue of BUDDHA, but images of SUPERMAN BATMAN and NEO of MATRIX and BATMAN are also represented on the vault of the temple.
Who believes in the future message of BUDDHA. Only death can stop my dream ... but it cannot stop my project ... .. the artist refers to the temple as an offer to BUDDHA and through this project it will give him immortal life.