State of Southeast Asia, it is located in the western part of the Indochina peninsula.
It overlooks the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea and borders China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. Temples in the forest with an enigmatic face. The ancient Burmese capitals, Amarapura, Ava and Sagain. The grandeur of the Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, the ancient Bagan, with 10,000 temples still capable of exuding an atmosphere of magic and serenity. The mysticism of the thousand-year-old temples and pagodas The Intha canoes, the "children of the water" of Lake Inle, the incredible crops and the floating market
In Burma, above all, the profound, joyful spirituality of a people that has been able to preserve its serenity and a great love for the ancient cult, which in every contact demonstrates true serenity ... A journey for those who want to see one of the most beautiful countries and fascinating of Asia and for all those who already know him and love to come back on an absolutely special occasion capable of giving intense emotions.