Algeria (Arabic: الجزائر, Al-Djaza-ir), officially the Democratic People's Republic of Algeria, in Berber "Dzayer" is a North African state belonging to the Maghreb, partially occupied by the Sahara desert. Its capital, Algiers, is eccentric with respect to the whole territory and is located in the far north: the name of the country derives from it.
Second country on the continent by surface, it borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north, while the land borders are divided with Tunisia to the north east, Libya to the east, Niger to the south east, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali to the south west, to end with Morocco to the west.

Algeria has been a member of the African Union and the Arab League practically since its independence from France in 1962, has been part of OPEC since 1969 and actively contributed to the creation, in 1988, of the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) .
Constitutionally, Algeria is defined as a Muslim, Arab and Amazigh (Berber) country (in order).
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