Cradle of one of the greatest civilizations of the past, considered by the Greeks to be the source of all wisdom. The deeds of the pharaohs are decorated in the monuments dedicated to them, temples and pyramids. Tierra full of priceless archaeological heritages; land that has offered over the centuries a reason for interest in what was, was and can be, inspired by those who created beautiful works or engineering interest such as Suez or Aswan. Works such as the Monastery of St. Caterins in Sinai make us meditate on testimonies of faith in a land where Islamism is predominant. The garden of Allah, so the sea is called that laps the coasts of this earth; rightly so defined for the beauty it hides in its depths; a garden of beautiful colors and a myriad of colorful fish.

Although most of Egypt is made up of arid lands, many plants and animals have evolved so that they can withstand high temperatures and long periods of drought. However, men have become less accustomed to the desert climate and only a small percentage live in the oases of the Western Desert, while 96 percent live in the Delta or along the Nile Valley. The Egyptian seas gurgle with marine life and the coral reefs of the Rossos Sea are one of the most precious natural environments on the planet. The best-known image of the desert is a vast expanse of sand. However, the rocky interior of Sinai is also considered a desert, for the definition of areas with less than 25 cm of rain per year. These areas are characterized by strong winds, which erode and shape the rocks creating the sand of the great and majestic dunes. Agriculture in the oases is vital for the country's economy, as it supplies large quantities of sugar cane, dates, figs and other soft products. The rocky massif of Sinai also reaches 2000 m. This area, full of wadi (asctutti rivers), comes back to life with the rare floods. The land is irrigated by a complex system of canals and dams. Wetlands are thus obtained, which constitute an ideal environment for herons, which feed on frogs, insects and small rodents.

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